May 29, 2012

Sea Day, Cruise Day 7

Our last day of our cruise was a day at sea.  I can't believe how fast the week went.  It's crazy that you plan and plan and plan and wait and wait and wait, and then it's done.  But, we enjoyed every moment of it.  We did a lot of relaxing this day.  Sat on the deck, read, took naps, shopped, ate, and just enjoyed the moment!

This was the last "Didja" (did you ever try?).
Frog legs?  I wasn't to fond of these.  I took one bite and that was enough for me.
Those little bread bites were yummy though!

Yummy salad.

Peach soup, I'm a big fan of these cold fruit soups now!

DH couldn't decide this night, so he got 2 entree's!

Mac n' Cheese with bacon and chicken.
This was actually really really good!

These were our servers for the whole cruise.
They sure made our dining experience a lot of fun!

Our final "friend" was a stingray!


Razzle Dazzle Berry said...

how fun for you guys! SO glad that you had a great time. Chris and I are less then 2 weeks away from a San Fransisco trip...with no kids!

I loved all of your photos...and great job doing the zip line!

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