May 28, 2012

Cayman Islands, Cruise Day 6

Our last port was the Cayman Islands.  What a beautiful place.  Everywhere we went was amazing.  I loved all the different things we experienced.  This cruise is something I will never forget.

The only bridge in the Cayman  Islands.

Candy Dresses

Fresh coconut, YUM!

After we met up with our tour guide, we taken to a dock where we loaded on to a little boat that took us to our first excursion stop, swimming with the stingrays.  Once again I had my water camera, so I don't have pictures with me.  We went to a sandbar in the middle of the ocean.  The water was SO clear and beautiful.  It was crazy that we were just in the middle of the ocean, crazy but AMAZING!  Once our boat stopped we were told to jump in.  So, we did.  April and I were pretty nervous.  We did a lot of laughing which I think helped us relax a little.  I still can't believe that we were among all those stingrays.  The big ones are the females and the males are the smaller ones.  Our tour guide was holding one of the big stingrays and let everyone come up and have a turn.  DH held it, and I stood next to him and rubbed the top of his head.  Then we "kissed" him.  We got some fun pictures, and if I ever get them I'll have to post them.  
It was awesome!

When we were done swimming with the stingrays we got back on our boat and went to a reef.  Then we put on our snorkel gear and jumped back in the water.  After I figured out how to breath without spazzing out it was actually pretty cool.  We saw some cool fish.  Just being out there was so much fun!

Another yummy seafood trio.

Baked Alaska

Assorted Cheeses

Cheesecake, yes again!

This cute bunny might have been one of my favorites!

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