May 19, 2012

Our Cruise, Cruise Day 1

 We have been wanting to go on a cruise for a very LONG time.  We wanted to go for our 10th anniversary  but that didn't happen.  Last December we celebrated our 15th and decided it would be a good time to make that dream come true!  Our really good friends the Huntingtons' celebrated their 15th anniversary too, and we thought it would be a blast to go together.  We decided on a 7 day Western Carribbean Cruise. 
We flew to Miami on Saturday and spent the night there.  
On the pier of our hotel, after church, before heading to our port!

M told us over and over to take a lot of pictures, so this is a view of our hotel.

On the bus on our way to our port.

Finally on our ship!  We were so excited, it was a long way coming!

Leaving the port of Miami.

Enjoying some sun!

Taking in the beautiful view.

Our last view of land for a few days.

A shot of  part of our ship, The Carnival Glory!

 All the food was SO yummy!  It was amazing the amount of food that was available at all times.  My favorite was dinner.  We ate some fun stuff.

One of my favorites: Cured Salmon with a Creamy Dill Sauce.

Creme' Brulle, delish!!!

DH got Raspberry Chocolate Cake

We loved coming to our room at night to see what was awaiting.
We got this cute Seal our first night.

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