January 31, 2007

My To-Do List

Leaving somewhere is always so much work. I'm so excited to go to Texas tomorrow. I just hope I can get everything done.

Already done today:

~Got up, showered, and dressed before 8:30 (a record for me)
~Got 4 little munchkins ready for the day.
~Made french toast for breakfast.
~Made J and S's bed.
~Luckily DH dropped the 3 older kids off at school for me.
~Did 2 loads of laundry.
~Took J to preschool.
~Went to the chiropractor.
~Ran home, took out the trash, got a few things ready for the trip.
~Went to help in T's class for an hour.
~Picked S up from Kindergarten.
~Picked J up from preschool.
~Checked M out of school for a dr. appt.
~Took out the trash.
~Went home to get food, milk, instructions, & medical release form for Brenda who will be watching the kids half of the time.
~Dropped all that stuff off at Brenda's house.
~Went to the post office.
~Took M, S, and J to the chiropractor.
~Stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch.
~Took M back to school.
~Went to a friends to get a book on tape for our LONG drive back on Mon. and Tues.
~Finally made it home.
~Made about a million phone calls throughout the morning to make sure everyone who is watching the kids knows what to do and when.

I did this all before 12:45.

Now, I'm blogging when I still have to:

~Finish laundry.
~Pack 5 people, maybe 6 depending on whether or not DH gets his done.
~Try to keep the house clean.
~Pick M up from school.
~Go to the bank.
~Pick T up from 4-H.
~Clean out the car.
~Do homework.
~Make dinner.
~Drop car off and kids' suitcases at Grandma's.
~Take T and his friend to Scouts.
~Talk to one more person about picking S up from school.
~Watch American Idol.
~Try to get a good night's rest, even though I probably won't be able to sleep because I'm sooooooo excited to go.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! You did all that before 12:45? I got up at 930am, ate breakfast...showered at noon. fixed lunch at 1pm...had a meeting at 2, then at 3:15pm. That's it. I'm sucha bum!!! LOL

SARAH C. said...

WOW! That's A LOT! I am sooo excited for you that you're excited about your trip...have fun!!! Take it easy!

nikko said...

Yay! You've been so productive! Hope you have a good trip.

txmommy said...

can't wait til you're here!!!

Mel said...

Wow, you sure are productive! have a nice trip to TX!

CHEL said...

You are on the ball! I hope you have a great time... sounds like everything is going to go smoothly!