January 18, 2007

I'm Going to Texas!!

DH and I are flying to Texas in 2 weeks!! I am soo soo excited. My parents live there and have a car that they are giving to my sister who lives in Utah by me. They had no way of getting it there, so asked if we would drive it for them. We said yes. This will give DH a chance to see Texas so we can decide if we want to move there or not. We are STILL trying to decide what to do. We are very excited to spend time with mom and dad and relax a little bit.

We'll be gone for about 6 days, which is longer than we've ever left them before. I'm a little worried about them, but I think they'll do well. It'll be weird without them. The longest I've been away from them was for 4 days, but they were with DH, so I didn't worry. This time we will both be gone. Hopefully all will go well.

I'm also excited for the alone time that DH and I will have. With 4 little monkeys we don't get much of that these days. It will be a nice change, but I'm sure I'll be ready to get back when the time is done.

I was talking to my sis and we are both so excited. We've already got plans made of where we want to eat and some of the things we want to do. I don't think I've been this excited about something for a long time. I am so thankful that I've been blessed with such a good sister who is also my best friend!

Yeah for TEXAS!!!


txmommy said...


No Cool Story said...

txmommy said... yeah!!!!!!!!

How fun! Yeah to good sisters and time alone!

Mel said...

You totally deserve it! I hope you have fun!

nikko said...

Sounds great! Can't wait to say hi when you come.

Lei said...

well hopefully the weather will be cooperating by then!

Suzanne said...

Have a wonderful time!!! It's nice you can accomplish so many things with one trip. It's especially nice that you can have some along time with your hubby! :)

CHEL said...

So cool! I hope you have a great time. As hard as it is to leave our kids, make this time for you and enjoy it. We went to Cabo for a week in September and I thought of my boys every minute of every day and even brought a photo album... but in the long run, it was much needed time away with DH.
Your kids will be fine!