December 22, 2006

Snowman Soup

We got this cute little gift from our friends this year. It was a bag full of makings for "Magic Snowman Soup". The kids have been dying to make it, so we finally did. Here's the poem:

Christmas is such a special time of year
Love goes out to all - both far and near.
And so we give this yummy treat to you
The fixin's for "Magic Snowman Soup".
First fill a mug - hot water from a pot
Add the cocoa mix - it's sure to hit the spot!
Add a hug and a kiss - it will do the trick,
Then stir it 'till it's smooth with a "Magic" stirring stick.
Now last of all, here's the scoop,
Drop in some little white snowman poop!
Now lift the cup, bring it gently to your lips,
Take it slow - enjoy each and every sip...
This "Magic Soup" we hope you enjoy-
May your Christmas be filled with love and joy!
I thought it was such a cute idea, and the kids cracked up at the snowman poop part! What a perfect treat for a snowy day.


Anonymous said...

LOL! My kid would crack up about the snowman poop too!! That's so cute, I hope I remember if for next year!

CHEL said...

That is adorable. I will have to save that! Keep that snow around, we'll be there soon and I've been promising my boys they can play in the snow!

Gabriela said...

I have seen that before-it is so cute. I am going to print it out and put it in my Christmas file.

My kids would love the poop part too.