December 19, 2006

Christmas Program

Today T's class put on a short Christmas program. They sang some very cute songs. T had a solo part and I was a little bit worried that he wouldn't actually do it. He tends to get shy when he is in the spotlight. But, he did a great job! His teacher said that when they performed for the school he was the only one who she didn't have to tell to slow down or to sing loud. It really was a cute program. I love his teacher this year. She is such an animated teacher and you can tell she really enjoys what she does.

Last week during class, if the kids got their work done they got to help make a quilt to take to a shelter. They all had a lot of fun doing it, and worked so hard that they got it done in one day! She does lots of things like this and really tries to make learning fun for the kids! I know T really loves being in her class.


txmommy said...

how cute!!!

CHEL said...

It's so great when our children find a teacher that makes such a difference in their lives.
So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great teacher! It's so nice when kids enjoy going to school. SlowMo had her Christmas program on Monday! It was cute, they have a very good music teacher.

Suzanne said...

How fun! That's so nice that he has a teacher that goes to all that extra effort! :D