December 29, 2006

Enjoying our new stuff!

The kids have been really enjoying the new things that they got this year. S loves to dress up. He got some cowboy gear and some Captain Jack Sparrow stuff. He's loved to dress up for as long as I can remember. I think he has more dress up stuff then my girls do. He wears costumes to the store, to the park, out to eat, pretty much all the time. He's got a great imagination, and I love watching him play.

The girls have become really good friends in the last couple of months. J always wants to do what M is doing and M is so good about letting her. They play house or school a lot. M is usually the "mom" and you hear J walking around calling mom all the time. I often answer and then she just looks at me and tells me that I'm not the mom she's talking about. They also dance, sing, and color together.

T has been asking and asking for an air soft gun. I was a little weary about this, but DH has been wanting him to have one. A lot of his friends have one, and I know that's not a reason to let your kid have something, but I think he's more responsible than some of the kids that I know who have one. So, I caved. And he loves it. He's been really careful with it and keeps it up when he isn't using it. Him and his dad lay on the floor and shoot at targets. It will be much nicer when they can go shoot outside instead of all over my house. We have little orange and blue b.b.'s all over the place. That's another rule, he has to clean up his own mess. But, he's having fun with it, and I'm actually fine with the fact that he has it.


Nikkie said...

Its great that everyone is getting along so nicely. ITs gotta be fun just to see it :)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What great kids! Really, what a blessing to have made 4 people and to be proud of who they are becoming.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice when siblings play together nicely. My baby, and the new one will only be 21 months apart, so I'm hoping they will play together when they're older. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Nicole said...

My little boy got cowboy stuff too. I blogged about it. I am glad to see that they still like it when they are older.

My girls play well together too. It IS a blessing to say the least. They are playmtes AND sisters. FUN!!

Glad ya'll had a great Christmas.

CHEL said...

It is finally letting me leave a comment. I've tried on your last couple posts..

Anyway, those are darling pictures. I love the one of the girls playing together... so cute! You really have the best of both worlds. Lucky you!