December 27, 2006

Christmas Morning

We had all the kids sleep in the girls room upstairs so that no one would sneak out and peak out the "treasures" Santa brought. The deal was that we would wake up at 6:00 and no earlier. DH and I went to bed at about midnight and 45 minutes later T was awake and had to tell us that Santa had come and could he please just go open his stocking. We told him no way. Next thing we knew he had woken M and now they were both in there asking and pleading and crying. We told them they had to wait because it was waaaaay to early to wake S and J up, plus 6 was the deal. They came in about every 15 minutes until about 3:30 when we finally seperated them and they fell asleep.

DH woke up at 6:30 and felt bad that they were still asleep, so he went and woke everyone up. I very sleepily agreed to go downstairs, but really how could I resist with four very bright-eyed, excited children. They lined up on the stairs, and then came running down. We opened stockings first, and then moved on to the presents.

I think they were all very happy with their Christmas. They got pretty much what they wanted, and didn't complain that they didn't get this or that.

I was totally spoiled this year. DH got me a new jacket, purse, and some exercise stuff (since my goal like a lot of other people is to lose weight). He took the kids shopping to get me gifts, some of which included a cheetah plate from J (she was so excited to give it to me, it was darling) and some very cute socks, some kitchen tongs from S, a colander from M, funnels and spatulas from T. T also got me a necklace with a heart on it that says Mom in the middle. It was so cute to see how excited they were to give me these things, and I love all of them.

We hung out the rest of the day and just relaxed. Grandma D. came over in the afternoon so we could exchange gifts with her. As she was leaving Aaron and Lauren were coming. Aaron is a friend who is renting a room from us. They came with gifts too. So, my kids definitly got spoiled this year. They had dinner with us and then we played games. They got us a really fun game called "Would you Rather". It is so fun. My sisters and I have played this for as long as I can remember. Why didn't we think to make an actual game out of it? Anyways it was a very fun game and a very fun day. And now Christmas is gone and past. I can't even believe it.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Your Christmas sounds SO fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures on the stairs, very cute. Sounds like you made out pretty good!

CHEL said...

The picture on the stairs is priceless. I'm sure it was a whirlwind with 4 kids! fun fun fun!!

I'm glad you got spoiled...and it even means so much more when the kids pick it out and give it to you. How cute!!

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness! You guys must have been exhausted after your kids were up half the night! Now that's excitement! You probably handled it better than I would have!

The picture of your kids lined up on the stairs is adorable! How sweet!

That's wonderful that your kids are learning how great it feels to give others gifts. That was sweet of your hubby to help them.

It sounds like you had a great Christmas! :)