December 28, 2006

How Many?

How many bottles of these can one family go through in a one week period? All four of my munchkins are sick. Those darn coughs and runny noses just won't go away. Today they were so cranky and grouchy and tired and wild and.......Last night S cried and cried about his ears hurting. And then he cried and cried today. So I took him in to the doctor and he has a double ear infection. How fun! Luckily I convinced the doctor to give some cough medicine that all the kids could take. Surprisingly he did it. That clinic is known for not doing that. They want each kid to be seen, each copay to be paid, but I think the doctor felt sorry for us. Hopefully with prescription strength medicine these coughs will clear up. Obviously the 10 bottles of the other stuff that we've gone through hasn't done a dang thing.


Anonymous said...

Oh I know what you mean. I always feel like they're going to think I'm a druggy at the store when I have to buy all these different types of cold meds.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Thank goodness for a dr that gave you a break for once. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

Stephanie said...

I wish doctors would be more compassionate when it comes to that. HELLO, families all breathe the same air!