May 9, 2016

Saturday & A Turtle

Jo made this cute turtle in her sewing class.  She did a really great job, except she forgot to put the legs on LOL!  She was laughing when she told us that.

We took Spencer clothes shopping for his birthday.  That kid is going through a major growth spurt and is growing out of all his clothes.  He really wanted a suit for his birthday which is what we planned on getting him, but then Tanner said he could have one of his suits.  So, instead he got some summer clothes which he needed too!

We also took Tanner's suit back to have it tailored.  When we got it, they didn't get the measurements quite right.  We're hoping for a better fit the second time around.

We had plans to go up the canyon and have a camp up (as Penny would say).  Unfortunately it was a bit chilly and rainy.  So, we decided to stay inside.  We ate hot dogs and made smores.  Tatum and Penny had some fun games planned.  Papa and Penny were mummies!

We also made a human pyramid! 
Fun family times, just what I like!

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