May 5, 2016

Other Happenings

We went to the YCL retreat a couple of weekends ago.  The girls got some good stuff planned for camp, we played some games, shared some spiritual messages, ate good food, and watched "Once I Was a Beehive"  Super cute movie.  Despite the fact that Kenzie didn't want to go, I think it was a success and she even ended up having a good time.  This is a great group of girls and I know they'll be good leaders to the younger girls who go to camp this year!

Doing a little missionary shopping. 
It's a start, but we have a long way to go before we have everything he needs.

My stupid foot is broken:(
I've been hurting since November, but since I'm totally a doctor I did a little self-diagnosis and determined that I had plantar fasciitis.  I have it before and this is what it felt like again so I thought I just needed to be patient and that it would eventually go away.  Well, I tried everything: massages, rolling my foot on a frozen water bottle, got nice new shoes with good support, bought inserts for my shoes, bought orthotics, got compression socks and a massage ball.  Nothing worked!  After months of hurting, my friend told me I should go see a Podiatrist and get a steroid shot.  So, I did.  When I went for my follow up and told him that I felt the same and had gotten no relief, he said that he wasn't almost sure I had broken my foot instead.  Now I get to wear this awesome boot for 3 weeks.  If I still don't have an improvement than I'll have an MRI to see if I need surgery.  I'm crossing my fingers and saying my prayers, because I CAN NOT have surgery.  I've got no time for that! 
Hopefully this works.  I really need this to work.

Tanner competed in the Mr. Spanish Fork contest.
Here he is in his lovely swimsuit portion of the competition. 
He didn't win, but had a fun time being a part of this crazy fun tradition.

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