May 2, 2016

Grand Turk Sting Ray Encounter

The sting ray encounter was awesome!


The girls wanted to go together.

I love their faces in this one:)

I was so proud of Tanner.  He acts pretty tough, but he was actually very nervous to do this.  Once he was in the water and saw everyone else doing it, he was okay.  And, he actually liked it!

See that smile?!

After the whole group was done, we stuck around and played some more.  The 2nd ray that we interacted with was huge!  We got to feed it squid, which feels super weird.  The guides were great and it was so fun to be able to spend extra time in the water with these amazing animals.

Good times in Grand Turk.

Jo loved it!

Nice sting ray back massage.

Spencer was actually the first in our group to jump right in and want to hold the ray.

To make the day even better, we saw some dolphins on our way back to the ship.  Unfortunately we didn't get a picture, but I'll remember it forever!

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