June 2, 2011

S's Party, Finally

We finally had S's birthday party (only a couple weeks late). And now I'm finally posting pictures (only a couple weeks after that). He really wanted a party this year, but we were so super busy that it got put off. Finally we picked a date and went with it. It was probably the easiest party I've ever done. As the boys were coming they jumped on the trampoline. Then they wrestled on the trampoline. After that they came in the house for presents. I made cupcakes and punch which they devoured before I could even get a picture.

Then they headed back outside for some more trampoline fun. They decided that they needed a break and came inside to play Sing it on the wii. Some of the boys even sang to Hannah Montana, pretty funny. I had some games planned, but they had their own agenda in mind.

After the singing, they wrestled, and then went back outside. I think 1o for a boy is kind of a tricky age to know what to do for a party. I was a little worried the boys wouldn't have much fun, but I was wrong. They had a blast, and it was very little effort on my part!!

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