June 16, 2011

Girls Camp in Manti

M got home from Girls Camp yesterday. She had a great time. DH went up Tuesday night and spent the night there, and then I was able to go Wednesday and spend the evening there for Bishopric night. It was fun seeing her interact with everyone and she was excited to tell me all about what they had been doing. I can't believe she is old enough to go to camp. I have many fond memories of all the years I went to camp. I loved it and I hope she loves it just as much. There were a ton of mosquitos there. I think I counted 22 bites that I have and I was only there for an evening. M is covered in bites, DH of course got none. He never does, so unfair. After dinner and testimony meeting Wednesday we walked to the Manti Temple to watch the dress rehearsal of the "Mormon Miracle Pageant". DH and I didn't stay for the whole thing because we still had an hour drive home. We got home around midnight. My parents stayed with the kids so we could go, which I thought was so nice. I felt bad that they didn't get home until almost 1:00 a.m. I was happy that we were able to go and spend some time at camp. I still love it even as an adult! M was exhausted when she got home and took a long nap. What a great experience for us all!

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