June 2, 2011


When I had dreams about being a mom, I dreamt about cuddling tiny babies and giving them kisses. I dreamt about first steps, first days of school, homework, learning to ride a bike, and going on walks. I dreamt about school projects, dance recitals, and scouts. I was not naive and knew there would also be rules. Like no hitting, no lying, no cheating, no throwing balls in the house, and no playing with fire. I did not think I would need to make rules like don't put pretzels in your ear, no breaking into the house, don't put marbles up your bum, no dancing on the tables, don't put rocks in the sink or in the speakers, don't pour water into the karoake machine, don't paint the table, and don't cut the furniture. However, those are all rules that I have had to make. Gotta love raising kids!!

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sanpinney said...

I love this post, so funny and so true. :o)