June 26, 2011

S with his Papa

Ever since S was a baby he has had a special tie to his Papa. Papa used to take S for long walks in the stroller, and he would rock him to sleep, and sing to him, and hold him, and play with him. Then, we moved to Utah and Papa thought S would not remember him. Oh how he was wrong. S has always asked how Papa is doing, when he can see him again, etc. It was always wonderful when Grandma and Papa came. S loved it. Then, when they went on their mission S had many tearful moments wondering when he would see his Papa again. We even had to Skype them in the middle of the night several times just to calm S down. He was thrilled when they came home and he ran into Papas arms and would barely let go. Now they live by us and S gets to see Papa all the time! They have a special bond, those two. They go on walks together, go eat french fries, run errands, play games, they love each other. I love watching them together and know that they will be close buds into the eternities!

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