August 12, 2014

Sunday & Monday Family Time

Kenzie spoke in church on Sunday and did a fabulous job!  She was pretty nervous, but it went great.  Jo had a talk in Primary and I missed it by like 30 seconds:(  I felt so bad.  It was her last talk in Primary before she moves on to YW.  Everyone told me she did a great job.  I did get to read her talk and I'm sure it went well, I just felt bad that I missed it.

We met at the park for a picnic for dinner.  We also played games, sat around and talked,
 and just enjoyed being together!


Mom, Lana, & Em

Monday we gathered at Mom & Dad's.  We made Pelmeny, a family favorite!  It's super yummy, but takes FOREVER to make.  We all love it, so it's worth it!

After dinner, we played some Minute-to-Win-It games.

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