August 5, 2014

Idiart Cousins

Some of our Idiart cousins are also in Tahoe so they stopped by for a visit last night.  There were A LOT of kids running around the house, but they all had fun together.  It was nice being able to talk with them and catch up on life.  I sure love them and wish we could see each other more often.

Trying to see how many cousins we can fit in the hot tub!

Each night we are having a devotional.  Dani & Greg were in charge last night.  They talked about the beauty that is all around us and that Heavenly Father gave us this earth to enjoy because he loves all of us.  We had to get in groups and sculpt (out of foil) one of God's creations that we enjoy.  We had the earth, roses, a tree, birds, a bear, a volcano, ursa minor, and many other wonderful creations.  We stayed up late playing games, talking, and looking at pictures.  A successful day in Lake Tahoe!

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