August 31, 2014

Happy 12th Jo

This cute girl turned 12 yesterday!  She's been waiting a long time to be 12, so that she could go to Young Women's.  Luckily for her she got to go on her birthday!  I can't believe she is my baby and she's 12.
12 fun facts about Jo:
~She loves to cook.
~She's doing cheer and tumbling.
~She's my personal space heater when I'm cold.
~She's got a great smile.
~She has long skinny fingers.
~She has a pinchable booty!
~She's very friendly.
~She's thrilled to finally have a phone.
~She does not like to clean her room.
~She's my sassy pants.
~She loves penguins.
~She's my baby!

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RandomWith Jack said...

Happy 12th birthday ! :)