August 15, 2014

Sophomore Orientation & A Mission Call

Kenzie had sophomore orientation the other night.  She is on student council and they did a skit.  She was the "bachelorette" and she had to pick a guy that she would want to go on a date with.  The skit turned out really cute and of course she did a great job.  She also performed with the drill team, and they all did really well.  She is loving being so involved with everything.  She is one busy girl and school hasn't even started:/

My super handsome Jalen got his mission call.  He will be serving in the Long Beach, California mission.  He enters the MTC on Dec. 3.  I'm so proud of him.  He is a great example to all his younger cousins, especially all the boys, and even more specifically Tanner.  I'm so thankful for his desire and willingness to go and serve our Heavenly Father for 2 years.  I know the lives of many will be blessed by his service.  Love you Jay!

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