July 30, 2014

San Diego Beach 2013

After 3 days of non stop fun at Disneyland & California Adventure we drove to San Diego to visit Anna and have a "resting day".  Of course, when you're in San Diego you have to go to the beach!

One of Ry's favorite things to eat is fish & chips.  Especially fish & chips from the pier.  He was in food heaven.  Really if you're going to have fish, fresh is the best.  We tried fried pickles, which were lovely!  It was a whole lot of fried yumminess! 

Tanner & Deo cruising the docks.

Ry and the kiddos.

Kenzie catching some rays.


Love my sister!

Spencer, Joneaux, & Sophie

Not sure who added the chest, but they're a lovely addition to my sweet boy;)

For dinner that evening we went to the street fair, which was loads of fun.  There were so many vendors there of all types.  My favorite was the Russian booth that was selling pelmeny, an all time favorite.  We got a few orders and loved it so much we kept going back for more.  

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