July 31, 2014

Fiesta Days Parade 2013

We always enjoy the time of year when we celebrate Fiesta Days! 
There is always so much to do and much fun to be had!

Stripling Warriors

Heart 'n Soul Dancers

The young men in several areas came together to do a Helamen's March.  It was amazingly powerful.  To see those young men marching down the street singing hymns was an experience everyone will remember.  It was by far the highlight of the parade.  I'm so glad our boys got a chance to participate in this awesome event.  There was not a dry eye as we all watched these boys.  I can't even imagine how those mothers felt sending their boys off to fight. What faith and obedience that must have taken.  I'm so grateful for the example of those 2,000 warriors and the sacrifices they made.  

"We Will Not Doubt"

My Warriors

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