May 15, 2011

Poor Car

R was driving home from work on Friday night and got rear ended on the on-ramp. Then, he hit the car in front of him and that car was able to get out of the way, but then R hit the next car too. He said he was trying and trying to put on his brakes, but they wouldn't work. Luckily for us the cop sited the van (the one who hit R for all 3 cars). The driver of the van said that he was taking off his boot and realized that he wasn't slowing down enough. R was going under 5 mph and the driver of the van was going about 30 mph, so R got hit pretty hard. The important thing is that he is okay. It could've been much worse. We took him to the hospital and there is no serious damage. He does have whiplash, a nice bruise from the seatbelt, and will be very sore for a while. The insurance adjuster came out today and said it will be a total loss - not at all surprising. So, now we have to find a new car. Too bad that one was going to be paid off in about a year and our car payment was only $100. Hopefully we can find something close to that. We are just smiling and saying it could've been worse. Time to count our blessings, right?!


c. griffith said...

ay ay ay! thank God no one was seriously hurt!

Razzle Dazzle Berry said...

Oh guys, so sorry. So glad that R is ok and that he was not hurt more seriously.

A boot....really. Why are people so stupid behind the wheel?!?!

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