May 10, 2011

Costa Rica


Armadillo outside of the condo DH stayed in.

3 of 24 crocodiles that the guys were throwing meat down to from a bridge.

Pizza Hut in Costa Rica, funny.

Zip-lining through the forests of Costa Rica.

The crew.

Flying over the ocean in a helicopter.

Another view from the helicopter.

He thinks he's the pilot!

This is the sign that was posted in front of the Tabicon resort.

Some of the guys at lunch.

Waterfall at the base of a volcano.

The guys before the hike to the waterfall.

I sure wish I was there with DH to enjoy all the beautiful views!

A plane that was shot down during WWII.
There was a restaurant built around it and inside the airplane is a bar.

Just another pretty view.

Some of the guys did a bit of fishing. They caught tuna and mackarel (sp?).


Lana said...

Wow that looks nice!

Kevin and Amanda said...

How fun!!!! I love all the pictures, now he has to take you there!!!

Fisher Family said...

um, how come you didn't get to go?