May 15, 2011

May 5th

I can't believe that 2 weeks have passed, and I still haven't posted about S turning 10. May 5th was a busy day for us. S had his track meet which is always fun. Then we had all our regular Thursday stuff: homework, dance, babysitting, reading, cooking dinner, and on top of that M had a school play she was in and it was S's 10th birthday. He really wanted lime green VANS and was so thrilled to get them. His expression was priceless! I can't believe my bubba is 10! How on earth does time go by so quickly? S has really grown a lot this past year in many ways. He had a tuff first half of 4th grade. His self esteem was pretty low and he was not a happy boy. We tried a few things and finally figured out what needed to happen. We switched his class half way through the year and it has made a world of a difference. It's like night and day. It's been one of the best decisions for him. I only wish we had done it sooner, but at least it's done now. He's a happier boy, he's doing extremely well in school, and he has a more positive attitude among many other things. I feel so blessed to have S in our family. What an amazing boy! I can't even begin to explain how much I love him. Happy Birthday to my 10 year old!

M was in a play about WWII.
She played one of the girls that helped "smuggle" kids to save them.
Here she is "saving" J!

Part of the cast taking a bow.
The kids did a good job!

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