March 9, 2011

While We Were Traveling

When we drove to California for Em's wedding we told the kiddos we would make some stops on our way there and back to break up the trip. We stopped at a place called Cove Fort. Cove Fort was an old pioneer settlement. The Saints who were traveling could stop at Cove Fort for room and board. I guess it was kind of like what we would call a hotel. We watched a short movie about Cove Fort; how it was run, who stayed there, what the living conditions were like, and other fun details. After the movie we took a short tour of the fort.
Here we are standing in front of the entrance to Cove Fort.

The kitchen, where approx. 40 guests ate per night.

The telegraph room.

We also stopped in Beaver for some "squeaky cheese", otherwise known as cheese curds. The kids love to eat squeaky cheese. The rest of the way down we just made small stops to get gas, eat, and stretch. We were ready to be out of the car.

On the way home we stopped in Vegas. We went to the M&M factory and saw all the different colors and varieties of M&M's. We let each kid pick out a color and flavor they wanted.
The place was packed.

Outside we took a picture with this guy, while we were waiting for Ange, Yoho, and Reggie.

Once they got there we went to the Coke factory. I guess they used to give samples of the different kinds of Coke, but they don't do that any more.
At least we got to have our picture taken with the Coke bear!

We caught the end of the water show at the Bellagio, which is pretty cool.

We saw Batman. I asked if he would mind taking a picture with the boys. He said, (as he was already posing with the boys), "I pose for tips." I told him I didn't have any cash, but the picture was already taken. I don't think he was too happy with us. Oops.

Not a very good picture, but oh well. We walked, and walked, and walked. Oh, and walked some more. The kids were pretty good sports, but they got pretty tired. We made it back to our car and went to find something to eat. Then we continued on home. DH and I both decided that although we had fun, Vegas is not a place for kids.

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Razzle Dazzle Berry said...

Oh I love squeaky cheese! yum yum :)

yes...I have only been to Vegas once to appreciate how "dirty" it is. Glad you had a safe and fun trip!!