February 12, 2011

Em's Bridal Shower

We had Em's bridal shower at my house last Saturday. She had a lot of people come and got a lot of nice things. She got a really pretty purple comforter for her bed, some decorations, and stuff for the kitchen. Em is going to be a great wife and I'm excited for her to start her life with Jose!

We had a lot of yummy food to enjoy and played some fun games!

Talked to Em and Talia this morning. I sure miss them, they are in California doing last minute preparations. Tal is such a cute baby and is so lovable. Em said plans are moving along. I sure I wish I could be there to help get things ready. Her colors are hot pink and lime green which I think is going to turn out so pretty. I did get to see a picture of her in her dress, and she looks beautiful. I can't wait to get there and to see how everything turns out. I'm sure it will be lovely, everything Em does turns out so nice. I also can't wait to get to know Jose better. I've spent some time with him, and I really like him. Him and DH get along really well. I hope they live in Utah so we can see them all the time. I would be so sad if they moved away. I love weddings, they are so much fun. Counting down the days!!!

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