February 28, 2011

Blue & Gold Banquet, and a story about T

We went to the Blue & Gold Banquet for S the other night. We combine with 2 other wards so there was quite the crowd there that night. S got his bear badge, a gold arrow, and 3 silver arrows. They had a cute little "initiation" into the Bear group. They called the boys up and had them reach into a bucket and it let out a bear growl. Then they got "scratched" by a bear claw. It was pretty darn cute.

Last week we went to a parent appreciation dinner that the deacons put on. Sadly I didn't get any pictures. The boys cooked the meal as part of their cooking merit badge. T helped bake a cake, strawberry with chocolate frosting. He was so proud. The boys served the parents and it was fun to just be there with them, and hear about what they've been doing. Most of the time I think he really enjoys scouts, but not always. For example here is a little conversation (not verbatim) that T had with DH:

T: "Dad I don't want to go to Scouts anymore."
DH: "Why?"
T: "Because we didn't even play basketball AT ALL!"
DH: (laughing) "What did you do?"
T: "Some guy came and talked to us about computers."
DH: "Was it for a merit badge?"
T: "Yeah."
DH: "Well, then?"
T: "Well, I want to play basketball."

What a stinker!

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