March 7, 2007

Happy Birthday T!!

Nine years ago my life was changed forever. I can't believe that T is 9 years old today. Where does the time go?
We were living in Rexburg, Idaho and my mom and 2 of my sisters came from Cali. to help out. I remember the night before just hanging out and talking and then going to bed. Around 2 a.m. I woke up with a horrible, what I thought was a really bad stomach ache. I got up and walked around, and then finally decided to take a bath because that usually makes me feel better. When that didn't work I went and woke my mom up because I'd never been in labor before I had no idea what was going on. I went out to lay on the couch and almost immediately started throwing up. It was the worst I'd ever thrown up. I couldn't breathe because it was coming up so fast and even coming out my nose (aren't we all glad I added that detail?). DH got on the phone and called my poor doctor at home. He quickly told us to go to the hospital because I was probably passing kidney stones.

When we got there they asked when my due date was, and since it was that day they took me up to labor and delivery so they could moniter me even though I wasn't in labor. They gave me some morphine for the pain, but that just made me feel dizzy and sick all over again. Once they had me all hooked up they found out that I actually was in labor probably brought on from the stress of passing the stones. So, they checked me and I was only dilated 1/2 cm. Only 1/2 cm. They told me I could stay but that I could be there for up to 36 hours. At that point I didn't care. I was already in so much pain, hooked up to all the machines, I was not going home without a baby.

A few hours later they started a pitocin drip to get things going and stripped my membranes. I don't know when, but eventually they broke my water. It took me 9 hours to finally get to a 2. I thought I was going to die. I wanted an epidural but was told because I was passing the stones also that I couldn't get one.

I had lots of visitors while I was in labor. My brother Michael came to visit and brought lots of friends. Some I'd never even met before. It was so much fun getting to meet everyone while I was in hard labor. Oh well.
Finally after 16 long hours of labor (14 of it "hard" labor), I was complete and ready to start pushing. I pushed and pushed for almost 2 hours before he finally decided to come into this world. Luckily for me I got to labor, deliver, and recover in 3 seperate rooms, so while I was pushing they wheeled me down the hall to the delivery room. I'm sure all the passerby's got a nice view.

T came into this world at 9:51 p.m., weighing 9 lb. 3 oz and was 22 inches long. He was a huge baby. He didn't look like a newborn. The doctor couldn't believe how big he was. But, he was a healthy boy with 10 chubby little fingers and toes and I couldn't have been happier.

I can't believe how much joy this boy has brought into our lives. He's always been so tender-hearted. He's smart, athletic, kind (most of the time), and is just a pleasure to be around. I thank my Heavenly Father every day that T was sent to our family. I can't imagine what life would be like without him.



Anonymous said...

He's such a handsome kid!!! Happy Birthday T!!!

nikko said...

Happy Birthday, T!

Mel said...

I just loved hearing the birth story. I haven't experienced kidney stones but have heard how awful it is. I can't imagine dealing with both the stones and giving birth. You are one tough woman!

Tori :) said...

I can not believe he was that big. It hurt me to read that...
Happy Birthday T!

txmommy said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Suzanne said...

Wow! You went through so much to get him here, but I'm sure once you saw him it made everything o.k. You are a trooper. How embarrassing that your brother brought his friends!

Happy Birthday, T! :D

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Happy bday to your BIG MAN!

Welcome to the blog party too.


CHEL said...

He's such a good looking kid! I loved your story... guess I shouldn't complain over my 10 minute labor and delivery of Ryker :)
Happy Birthday T!