March 1, 2007

Catch Up Time

On Saturday T had his last basketball game. They didn't win, but he made a basket and was very thrilled about that. T really enjoys sports and is quite good at it. When we were getting ready to go to the game, M got a phone call and was asked to go play at a friends' house. I told her she could go and T got very sad. He said, "You are supposed to come and support me." So we picked up our friend and all headed to the game together. Everyone had a good time, except S who was sad that I didn't bring him any toys to play with.

That night we had some friends come over for dessert and games. We played
A to Z which is a very fun game. Then we were going to play another game, but we ended up just talking instead. We love playing games, and it makes it much more fun with friends!

Sunday we went to church, which is always very enjoyable. I wasn't feeling very good, so I came home and actually got to take a nap, which was very much needed. Our home teacher came over and gave a very nice lesson on testimonies. He is great and always makes sure the kids have an activity and can understand the lesson. Then my visiting teachers came over that evening. I just got new ones, and I think they are going to be wonderful. They are both great sisters who I look forward to getting to know better.

This week I've been busy with babysitting. Maddox was not feeling very good on Monday, so he was crying a lot, which made for a harder day. But he's much better now. The kids really enjoy having them here and they are all always so eager to take turns holding them.
Last night was pack night. DH actually got to come with us and I was very glad because T received his Wolf Badge. He worked very hard for it and has been anticipating this night for quite a while. He actually earned it a while ago, but the Cubmaster has been a little bit slow on getting the award to him. He didn't even stab me when he pinned me. This pack night was probably the most fun of all the ones they had. They had a bunch of activities on weather for the kids to do. They talked about tornadoes, and the kids got to make one. They made a thunder storm. Then, each kid got to make an anomometer (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), but it's an instrument that measures how fast the wind is going. They had word searches for everyone to do and then each person got a candy bar. It was nice to actually have a well organized pack night. In the past we haven't really had activities or anything for the kids to do, so it was a nice change, and I hope that they will remain that way!


Mel said...

Way to go T on earning his WOLF badge. We are starting our month theme of "weather". I think I will steal some of the ideas. Was the anometer (or whatever its called) hard to make?

Suzanne said...

It sounds like you've had a fun week! I can't wait for "D" to be in Scouts in a year. It looks like Scouts are always doing fun science stuff and "D" loves it!