February 19, 2007


On Saturday it was my hubby's 32nd birthday. We went to lunch at Olive Garden which was so yummy! I got a crab pasta and it was delicious. The kids were very well-behaved which was so nice. That doesn't always happen when we go out to eat.

After lunch we were going to go see "Night at the Museum". We were way ahead of schedule and didn't want to drive all the way home just to drive back when the movie started. So, we decided to go browse Cabella's. The kids and I had been there before, but DH hadn't.

We spent alot of time looking at all the "stuffed" animals they had there. That place is huge. DH was very impressed with all the stuff they had there. We walked through the aquarium and got to see all the huge fish. The kids got tokens to go play at the shooting range, which they thought was very fun. On a couple of the targets, if you hit it, it sprays water at you. DH thought he was so cute getting me wet all the time. He kept doing it over and over. We sampled fudge, licorice, beef jerky, and bought some yummy cinnamon roasted cashews. We had a great time!
We ended up spending about an hour and a half there.

When we left we STILL had a little bit of time left before the movie, so we went and looked at model homes. We've always enjoyed doing this. One of the homes had a huge theatre room which the kids now think is a necessity. I have to admit that it would be a lot of fun to have one.

The movie was darling. DH and I had seen it before but the kids really wanted to, so we saw it again. J fell asleep because she hasn't been feeling all that great, so I was sad she missed it. It's probably a movie we'll end up buying though. We came home and had some birthday cake, then it was off to bed for the littles. All and all we had a wonderful day!

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Wow, that would be my husband's dream.