June 7, 2016

Girls in Cali

Dani invited the girls to Cali with her last week, and they had a blast!
They did a lot of swimming, went to the beach, painted mugs, did masks, went to the mall & the movies, went out to eat, and just enjoyed spending time together.

One night they went on a "safari"!

Hanging out doing masks and nails and just being together.

Kenz went on a double date with Hannah while they were there!

Finger painting with their toes!

Enjoying the beach despite the chilly weather.

Not to shabby!

This picture cracks me up:)

(Courtesy to my sis for all the pics I "stole" off her blog!)

I'm so glad the girls were able to go and spend time with their cousins.  I won't lie I was a little bit jealous.  Hopefully we'll all get to go sometime in the near future.  I love spending time with family, there is no better place to be!

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