May 24, 2015

More California & Tanner's 17th

While Kenzie & I were in California for the drill trip, Ry, Spencer,and Jo were also in California.  But they were there for Jo's cheer competition.  Crazy that they were both the same weekend.  So, we had to divide and conquer.  Ry took the kids to Knotts Berry Farm, and from what I hear they had a blast! The next day they went to the competition, and then headed home.

While we were all gone to California, this handsome boy turned 17!!!  I felt horrible that we all missed his birthday.  He stayed because he couldn't miss soccer.  It was unfortunate that the weekend was so busy and it was all on his birthday.  Luckily friends and family took good care of him.  
I can't believe my boy is so grown up.