May 22, 2015

January 2015

I'm  really good at hurting myself.  It's almost embarassing.  I was at work using the giant paper slicer and sliced my thumb right up.  I ended up with 3 lovely stitches.

Jo and her friend a their first cheer competition.  They did really well and had a blast!  It's been fun watching her succeed at this.  She really did way better than I had expected. 
 I was pleasantly surprised!!

 I love this family!  They are so awesome.  Their oldest got baptized and then afterwards we went to their house for a luncheon.  Sure love those boys!

For student council, Kenz had to do a "Be The Change" project, where you choose something to do that will benefit the community.  She decided to clean up trash on the trail at the park.  We decided to help her out and so we did it on FHE (minus Tanner because he to work)  I was surprised at how much we found.  People walking the trail were so cute, they would thank us for what we were doing.

T had a soccer tournament in Mesquite.  The other kids had various activities that they couldn't miss, so I had stayed home with them and Ry and Tanner went to the tournament.  I think it was good bonding time for the 2 of them.  Tanner scored the only goal for their team during the tournament!!

I often find cute pictures on my phone, mostly from this one.  
I'm so lucky to be her mom!

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