July 6, 2010

Sunday Activities

We had a very nice Sunday. Everyone went to Justin & Tiffany's house for dinner.
All the kiddos sat outside in different areas all over the backyard. These 3 boys have been getting along so nicely. It's been fun spending time with all our "Oregon" cousins.

The "big" kids.

The "smaller" kids.

Before we went to the dinner we spent a few peaceful areas at home after church. The Bishop (Damian) had asked everyone to go home and right a letter. We chose to write to Grandma and Papa. I was surprised at how much they enjoyed this. Maybe we need to write more often.

S spent some time playing all by himself. He has always enjoyed a little personal quiet time. I think it's good for him. He has so much energy all the time, and I think this is a way for hime to relax and unwind. I think I need a little more personal quiet time for myself!

These two cuties played house upstairs for a long time.

Sarah and Ben writing their letter. I love Ben, he is such a sweet, cute little guy!

The kids have really enjoyed making friendship bracelets. they have quite a few made and there is always string all over the house. Everyone seems to be getting along and having a great time. I only wish my sweet hubby was able to come with us. Darn work!

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