July 6, 2010

Oregon Caves, Oregon Coast, and Pizza

Yesterday was such a busy day. We started off driving to the Oregon caves.
This root is inside the caves. It is the longest root in the world. CRAZY!

Some stalagmites inside the cave. They call this formation the banana groves. Kind of funny.

After that we jumped back in our cars, and headed to the coast. The water was freezing, but it surely didn't stop S. I think he was the only one who went all the way in.

It's gorgeous there.
It was very windy which wasn't too wonderful, but we all still had a great time!

Cute girls!

T found some kind of disgusting thing and pretended to eat it.

Girl cousins, enjoying some water.

Once we were done with the wind and cold water, we went out and ate some delicious pizza!

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