July 1, 2010

Museum, Movie, and Ice Cream!

We did several activites yesterday. First we met up with Eliza and Rachel (two more cousins) and started our fun at the Bean Museum. Some of the kids had been there, some hadn't, so it was a fun time for everyone!

This is the size of an elephant footprint.
We tried to see how many feet we could fit inside it. I think we had 7!

We always need a group photo!

After the museum, we headed to the dollar theatre. We saw Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. I thought it was pretty good. There were a few "scarier" parts that some of the kids weren't too sure of. Me and 10 kids and the movies, always a party!

After the movies, we went back to BYU for some ice cream! The ice cream there is super yummy! My cousins' parents live in Provo and Eliza and Rachel have been staying there. They met up with us for the ice cream, which they actually treated everyone to. They are both so nice. It's been fun getting to know them a little better. Then, after all that excitement we headed to the park for a baseball game. What a day!


Natalie said...

Grandkids and cousins and you, what a wonderful day. Wish I was there with you.
Love you

Fisher Family said...

Man, I miss the creamery!