February 8, 2010

Since I'm posting old pictures...

Since I'm posting old pictures, I thought I better put these up too.
Christmas Eve morning we went over to some friends' house and had breakfast together.
The kids had a lot of fun spending time with their friends. DH had to work, and my friend is a single mom, so it was just us and the kids. We had another friend there too, whose hubby was also at work. We had some yummy food and good company!!
T and Jessie

"The Three Musketeers"
These 3 are best buds. They have lots and lots of energy.

All the girlies.

S had a loose toothe and kept asking everyone to try and pull it. He insisted that it didn't hurt. He found some pliers, and asked my friend Lori to give it a try. So, she did. But it didn't come out. A few days later, T got it out. S came downstairs with a bloody mouth and a big smile. He said, "Mom T pulled out my tooth!" He was so happy. This tooth has been loose since September when he fell at school and knocked his tooth loose on the playground equipment. I asked T how he got it out, and he said that he held S's head with his arm (kind of like a headlock), and then just pulled and pulled until it came out. What a good brother?!!!?

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