February 25, 2010

Family Birthday Party

On Saturday we had our February Family Birthday Party!!
We always have so much fun. February is a month full of birthdays, which means lots of fun!!
Our menu was steak, baked potatoes, green bean casserole, onion rings,
sugar cookies, and ice cream. YUMMY!!
Brenda and Olivia are both February babies...

...so is Jalen...

...and my crazy husband.
Ari, Amanda, and Dad D. also have February birthdays.
So, does my little sister Em.
Lots to celebrate:)

The little boys all watching.

S helped cook to go towards one of his scout requirements.
We had a great evening. Lots of good food, and always tons of fun!


allison nadauld said...

Happy Birthday, especially R and Em (since I know you)!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday R and Em. Love Feb. b'days.
Now we have some awesome March b'days coming up.
Love you lots.