January 6, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Last week one of M's fillings came out. And of course the dentist was gone all week. So we got in this week and we went to her appt. yesterday. The dentist said her tooth would probably come out some time this year, so he just wanted to pull it because it would be easier and cheaper. The tooth in front of that one was super loose, so he pulled it too. Her poor little mouth was so sore. Now she is missing 2 molars in a row on both sides of her mouth. I'm not quite sure how she's going to eat anything. Poor girl. But, on a good note the tooth fairy was not late this time!
S also lost another tooth. That's 2 teeth for him in just a few weeks. This tooth was also one that got knocked loose and I'm pretty sure that's the only reason it came out. He actually knocked it loose back in Sept. Since then it has turned a little gray so I think it died. He had been wiggling that tooth for months and kept asking us to pull it out. It just wouldn't budge. My friend even used pliers at his request, which he said didn't hurt at all. But it still did not want to budge. Then, last week the boys came downstairs and S had a mouthful of blood and a big smile on his face. He told me that T had pulled his tooth. Because of the amount of blood, I asked him if it hurt. He said not at all. I asked T how he got it out. His response was, "I just put my arm around his head to hold it into place (kind of like a headlock) and pulled and pulled until it came out." He was so proud of himself, and S couldn't stop smiling. Crazy boys. And, the tooth fairy wasn't late that time either. She's getting good!

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Rowberry Family said...

Tht story cracks me up, I bet you were laughing, crazy kids, and were do they come up with their ideas???