January 17, 2010

Fancy Nancy Raspberry Swirls

J is a huge "Fancy Nancy" fan. She was even Fancy Nancy for Halloween (I don't think I ever posted pictures because I had no working computer). We have lots of Fancy Nancy books. One of the books is all about tea parties. It teaches you how to have a fancy tea party down to the invitations, how to dress, how to decorate, what to drink, and what to eat. J has been wanting to make one of the recipes for a long time. We finally had the time to do it this morning. So, she made Raspberry Swirls for everyone. Here's the recipe:
Cut the crust off a slice of white bread and place it between two pieces of wax paper.
Flatten it out with a rolling pin.
Now spread raspberry jam - or any flavor you like - on the bread and roll it into a log.
Cut the log into slices.
Don't they look pretty?
M came down to help.

Yummy raspberry swirls!


Natalie said...

I want to cook Fancy Nancy recipes with J and M. I will have to read the books with them too because I just barely even know who Fancy Nancy is. Pretty soon I will be able to.
Love you guys!

txmommy said...


chellie said...

So cute... and those look yummy!