July 21, 2016

Tanner's Day

On July 5th we went to the Payson Temple with Tanner so he could take out his endowments.  What a special day.  When we were driving there, I thought it was going to be so weird with him in the temple with us, but it was just PERFECT!  Seeing him there all dressed in white was amazing. 

I'm so thankful for temples.  For the promises and covenants we make within the walls of the House of the Lord.  For the knowledge that families can be together forever.  What a blessing to us.  I need to get to the temple more often.  The peace I feel there is something I need more of in my life.  I'm so glad we got to spend that beautiful day with Tanner and that he has kept himself worthy to partake in the blessings of the temple!

Afterwards we went to IHOP for some yummy food!
Loved spending time with family and am so grateful that they wanted to share in Tanner's special day!

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