July 10, 2016

Fireworks and Fun

My sister and her family came to visit!  I love, love, love when they are here.  We went to 7 peaks in the morning and then headed over to the temple grounds for a day of fun and an evening of fireworks!

Cute cousins!

Some of the boys!

Lana is always on the ball and taking pictures, so I often "steal" from her:)  For whatever reason, this is one of my faves of the day.  Just family enjoying time together!

We had plenty of games, coloring books, footballs, frisbies, food, and fun to keep us busy for the afternoon while we anxiously awaited the fireworks!

It was a great day to spend outside, not too hot. 

Marshall is such a little man, I love it!
Lana is such a fun sister! 
Actually all of  my sisters are.  I wish they were all there!

What a great group of cousins, Aunt Andrea, and Uncle Yoho!

Reggie and Noah enjoyed playing "Pretty Pretty Princess" with the girls!

I sure love this crazy family of mine!

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