January 18, 2016

Christmas Eve

We ate lots and lots of food on Christmas Eve.  We had an appetizer type dinner.  That way we could eat and enjoy all through the evening.  We had meatballs, little smokies, anti-pasta kabobs, sandwiches, baked brie, cheesecake, dips, brazillian delights, cookies, egg nog, and more.  We had a TON of food, I loved it!

Anna, Grace, and I

We have a tradition of opening Christmas jammies and then spending the evening in them.  We thought it would be fun for all the boys to be Super Heroes for the evening.  Isn't that a handsome looking group?!

Love my fam!

I've never matched my girls and really wanted to this year.  I can't believe I actually found something that worked for all 3 of us!

I love these 2 crazy girls.  They make my heart happy.

Reindeer Games

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