June 18, 2015

Grandma Carnival

I really lucked out in the in-law department. I have a wonderful mother-in-law who never creates problems for us.  She's kind, fun, loving, and I feel lucky to be a part of their family.  She had all the grandkids over for a giant sleepover one night.  That's 15 grandkids and only 1 grandma.  The kids were all excited to go.  They had a great sleepover.  Saturday morning, the got ready for the carnival.  She thought it would be fun for the kids to put on a carnival for the parents.  They spent the morning and most of the afternoon prepping, cooking, decorating, and practicing.  When we got there everything was set up super cute and they were all waiting for us.

We really had a great time.  There was a popcorn stand, a kissing booth, a nail painting station, face painting, match the duck, foot massages, a fortune teller, water gun shoot, bean bag toss, spam tasting station, cotton candy, snow cones, skeet ball, fresh cookies, and bounce the ball into a cup of water.  The kids put a lot of effort into it and were excited to do this for their parents.  Even the teenagers were good sports and had a fun time.  After the carnival was over we ate lunch: hot dogs and nachos.  The carnival ended with a song by the kids that my MIL made up and had the kids sing to us.  I have a copy and will have to post it later.  It was hilarious about the things the kids can and cannot do.  
What a super fun time the kids had making memories with their grandma that they'll never forget!

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