June 1, 2015

Beach Day 2

We had to do another beach day while we were there.  
Ry & Tanner having something father/son bonding time.  What a good view!

Jo & Spencer could've spent the whole day out in the water.  They had a blast trying to catch some waves.  They wanted me to go out with them, but the water was a little too cold for my liking.

A little bit of catch on the shore.

An all time favorite, getting buried in the sand!

Kenzie loves mermaids!
She thinks they are the coolest thing, even though they aren't real.  However if you said that to her she would be very upset with you and would argue with you that actually they are real.  Crazy girl!

I love when the kids get along and enjoy each other.  It's kind of a rare occasion as of late, so I had to capture the moment while it lasted:)

This time they didn't just cover her with sand.  They actually dug a hole and had her get in it and then buried her.  Towards the end I think she got a little claustrophobic because she kind of started to panic and wanted to get the heck out of there, and fast!

Just a head!

Our spring break was a lot of fun.  We all enjoyed it. After the surgery and school and the busy life that we lead it came at a much needed time.  It was relaxing and nice to get away, do some fun things, visit family, and just enjoy.  It was hard to go back to work and school and life.

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