November 19, 2011

YW in Excellence, Pack Night, & Recognition Night

We've been busy with the kids events lately.

M had her first YW in Excellence night. Their theme this year has been the 13th Article of Faith, and they've really focused on being "seekers". M gave a little talk on her Virtue project. When she went to MD, she had the opportunity to finish her Virtue project, which is to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. They did this in 2 days. She told about her experience doing it and how much she really enjoyed it. She is excited about YW and really wants to start working on some more of her Personal Progress goals. It will be fun watching her learn and grow.

M and her friend Shae.

S received his Traveler pin and a couple belt loops at his Pack Night. He really has some great leaders who help the boys set and accomplish goals. He's close to getting his Webelos badge!

J had recognition night for activity days. They each got to display some things that they like. J put her table together all by herself. I think it turned out super cute!

Each girl got to display a talent that they have. J did a dance with her friend Morgan. They did a really good job. The dance was super cute.

I love being able to go to these nights with my kids and to celebrate the wonderful things they are learning and doing!

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