November 3, 2011

Power Outage

Yesterday the power went out while I was at work for about 2 hours. As we were trying to figure out what happened we found out that it was very widespread and the power was out for the entire city and many surrounding cities. No one knew when it would be restored and there was a lot of talk about food being ruined or homes being too cold. As time went on I got to thinking about how lucky we are, and it made me very grateful for modern day conveniences that we enjoy daily. Things that we often take for granted. We are pretty lucky to live in the homes we have and to stay warm there, to have food to feed our children, to have t.v.'s, microwaves, blow dryers, washing machines, and the list goes on. We sure were glad when the lights came back on. Who knew that a power outage would make me think about all that?

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