October 23, 2011

The Red Barn & Other Stuff

Friday, early evening we went to The Red Barn. They have a fun hay ride that drops you off in a pumpkin patch where you can pick out your "perfect" pumpkin!

The boys getting all loaded up for the ride.

Out in the pumpkin patch there is also a maze made out of giant crates and a few fun places to stop and take pictures.

Grandma and the grandkids minus S and Wyatt who went MIA.

Right before we went to the Red Barn, I dropped T off at the church to go to a Scout overnighter. He has a really fun scout troop that goes on a lot of campouts and does a lot of fun things. Saturday morning they woke up and went on a 20 mile hike as part of their hiking merit badge. Everyone was exhausted, but they all made it and I'm sure feel very proud of their accomplishment.

When we left the pumpkin patch the kids and I met up with some friends and grabbed a bite to eat. Then, we all came back to our house with some more friends and we let the kids play while we sat around and talked. At 10:00 the kids and I loaded up in the car and went to the airport to pick DH up. He was in Ohio all week at a training for work. I was SO glad to have him home. Our home just feels incomplete when he is not there. We were so happy to have him back!

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Lacee DeG said...

You came to Santaquin and didn't visit me! WHAT?! Just don't let it happen again! Hope you got a donut because they are SOOO DELISH!